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Apple's development team could benefit from some help in terms of making sharing files easier. Whether you want to download movies and TV shows to your iPad or to any other iOS device, you'll usually have to face iTunes. You know this can lead to time wastage and limitations of all kinds. And to top it off, it's just difficult to navigate.

Luckily, we found the best iTunes alternative that can help put videos on iPad without needing iTunes sync. Not only it is so much smoother but it's also the way to put any non-supported media formats onto on your iOS device. Take a look at the video below and find out more!

WALTR PRO is a third-party app, but it's fantastic in terms of saving videos to iPad without itunes windows 10 download.

Since a video is better than 1000s of words we created a screencast to demonstrate how simple it is transfer movies from your computer to an iPad without iTunes.